Festive Season Team Activities in 2021

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Festive Season Team Activities in 2021

Christmas lights sparkle at every corner, pictures of your friends' trees and holiday decorations fill your newsfeed, and Mariah Carey follows you wherever you go. The holidays are almost here!

The lead up to this period can be exceptionally busy, so we don’t blame you if you’ve yet to pull something together for your team. Planning your own family get-together is one thing, but organising something for your team is a whole different ballgame - so we understand the challenge in finding the time to do it all!

Don’t fret. Remote Social’s got you covered for your last minute, minimal budget, team celebration! Here are some ideas on how you can get started.

Psst.. we’ve also come up with a draft agenda to make things easier for you!

1. Turn on the Festive Season Pack on Remote Social Connect.

Remote Social Connect automatically posts prompts that spark fun, memorable, and engaging conversations in your preferred team's Slack channel.

The Festive Season Pack is filled with prompts about the silly season, so expect to learn what your co-workers' favourite classic holiday films are, the worst present they’ve ever received or what they're looking forward to the most. If you set it up within the first week of December, there will be more than enough prompts posted in your Slack channel to last until the end of the year!

This is a great and simple way to get the ball rolling and embrace the Christmas cheer.

Not sure how to set up Remote Social Connect? Here’s a video to walk you through it.

2. Play Trivia's new Christmas category.

Get a little friendly competition going with a round of trivia!

Grab a few Christmas treats, throw on a party outfit, share a link to your favourite Christmas playlist and jump on a call with the team. You can all brush up on your Christmas knowledge with this Trivia pack before the big day arrives!

Setting up a Trivia session is easy peasy.

and what about a custom Trivia category?

Take the Trivia session to a whole new level and customise your very own category!

This could include Trivia about the team, everyone’s personal wins throughout the year, and the organisation’s vision for 2022 and beyond. The questions created are naturally more catered to your group, so you can get as creative (and festive 🎉) as you want!

Stuck for ideas? We’ve come up with a few.

3. Play a round of Knowing Me, Knowing You.

After belting out to Mariah Carey and everyone feeling (or tasting?) the festive spirit you could test how well everyone knows each other with a game of Knowing Me, Knowing You to end off.

You will discover interesting information about your crew like the kind of music they listen to, their biggest pet peeves, or which celebrity they’d invite to dinner. Players take turns providing answers to questions with facts about themselves, while everyone else predicts the correct answer given.

Who knows, you might learn a thing or two about yourself too! 😄

Here are some tips on how to run your team session.

Before your session:

  • Browse all available games - watch the intro videos if you’re unsure!
  • Check the minimum / maximum number of players for the selected game.
  • Check that you have enough time to play the chosen game.

During your session:

  • Make sure everyone is connected before starting a game! Psst.. You will see their avatars pop up on the screen when they join a game you're hosting.
  • Have fun!

After your session:

  • Vibe check! How did everyone feel about the game?
  • You could perhaps share your screen and look at the other games together.
  • Schedule for a future / recurring session! (Here’s how.)

If you need some inspiration, we’ve come up with a draft agenda to help you get started.

   1. Ice-breaker: Two rounds of Bingo to warm things up

   2. Introduction from team leader

  • Welcome
  • Year in review
  • Instructions for setting up the games.

  3. Four rounds of Trivia

  • Christmas category
  • Custom category: This could include Trivia about the team, wins throughout the year, organisation’s vision for 2022 and beyond
  • …and others!

   4. One round or Knowing Me, Knowing You

  • Singing along to Christmas classics while playing is optional.

   5. Winner announcement

  • Run an ugly sweater or festive hat competition and get people to vote via Slack during the session.

   6. Event Close

Festive season is a time of togetherness. It is a perfect opportunity to bring the team together to celebrate. Coming together over fun activities is a great way to foster camaraderie and strengthen bonds, as well as help employees destress and re-energise for the new year.

See ya later!

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