New Starter


Max, meet the team. Team, meet Max.

Bring your new hires out of their shell with questions that help express their individuality and preferred ways of working.

Everything via Slack.
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It's free! No credit card required.
Help your team establish the foundation for strong relationships from day one.

Introduce new starters to the team, and vice versa.

Help new starters share who they are and find commonalities with their new teammates using a sequence of five questions delivered via Slack.

Create new starter profiles.

Hi, I am Max. This is how to work with me.

At the end of the sequence, Remote Social automatically creates a new starter's profile with their communication preferences and personality traits. This will give you and the team insights into how your new starter likes to work, what’s important to them, and how to ensure they thrive in your team.

Get the conversation started with the New Starter Onboarding pack, part of Remote Social Connect.

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Happy teams. Happy us!

Customer quote one

Ruby Soeterboek

Beans Marketing

"So easy to get
conversations started!
This is the must-have onboarding tool for distributed teams."

Customer quote two

Darren Chapman


"We love it. Easy the best decision we've made to help everyone connect. Can't recommend it enough."

Jess Walker

Jessica Walker

Black Nova VC

"Perfect for our hybrid team. Now we can connect over shared experiences with very little effort."

Challenge your crew and crown a weekly champion!

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Ready for Physical Challenge? 
Maybe a weekly Trivia competition? 

Choose from these fun-filled challenges designed to form stronger, happier, and healthier teams.
Who will be crowned team champion? 

Points earned from each challenge will contribute to a weekly and monthly leaderboard.

Ready to let your competitive side take over?
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How to get started with Remote Social Connect

How it works.

Get the ball rolling in a matter of minutes.
Step 1. Add Remote Social to your Slack - How to get started?

Step 2. Turn on the onboarding pack.

Step 3. Watch how your new starter and the team start to bond.
Remote Social connect for Microsoft Teams is coming soon.
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