Remote Social is absolutely committed to protecting the privacy and security of all our user's data and personal information.
We have taken all possible measures to protect and secure our user's data and personal information. Every member of Remote Social is focussed on putting data protection first in all tasks we undertake.

You can view a comprehensive list of our vendors and sub-processors here.

Protecting your data

Remote Social ensures the maintenance of customer data and personal information, and to prevent unauthorised access through the following means:

  • Secure API transactions. Remote Social uses secure protocols to connect with customer systems using Transport Layer Security 1.2 for HTTPS encryption, which is authenticated by AES-256 bit encryption.
  • Secure web application. The entire Remote Social platform uses HTTPS by default, with all data encrypted in transit.
  • Internal data encryption. In addition to encrypting API and web traffic, Remote Social encrypts all internal traffic.
  • Data storage. Remote Social stores all user data in secure cloud storage systems and all data is encrypted at rest.

Data access

Remote Social limits access to customer data to a very small number of key engineering and customer success members for the purpose of customer support and account management. All access to this data is logged.

Physical security

Remote Social does not store any data on-premises. We use the secure data cloud for all data storage and processing, which complies with rigid security requirements.

Penetration testing

Remote Social undergoes periodic external penetration and vulnerability testing.