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The Remote Social Slack integration builds team connections directly within your Slack workspace.

Meet new team members, share moments of gratitude, take part in monthly challenges, and join social conversations.

Find new and engaging ways to get to know your colleagues.
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Engaging conversations promote connection

Remote Social's Slack integration automatically posts thoughtful prompts that spark fun, memorable, and engaging conversations.

These carefully curated questions are purposefully created to de-stress and recharge individuals quickly and asynchronously.

Share moments of gratitude each week

Remote Social's Gratituesday activity encourages your whole team to share moments of gratitude and thankfulness with each other every week.

Practicing gratitude is scientifically shown to improve overall mental wellbeing as well as create empathy and connection.

Discover the power of sharing and vulnerability within your team with our simple Gratituesday activity.

Challenge your team mates each day

Remote Social's Slack integration provides a number of challenges and daily activities to increase healthy team competition.

Challenge your team to complete 30 minutes of physical exercise each day, complete the daily New York Times Wordle puzzle, or stay hydrated throughout the day.

We'll automate the job of engaging the team, tracking participation, and encouraging good practices. We provide regular feedback and leaderboards to encourage healthy competition or drive further engagement.

Healthy competition can grow camaraderie, forge new friendships, and create incredible team connections across teams, departments, and geographic locations.
Interact with teammates working across locations and time zones.
Connect with your crew no matter where they are, or when they are online. Take part in monthly challenges.

Challenge your crew and crown a weekly champion!

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Ready for Physical Challenge? 
Maybe a weekly Trivia competition? 

Choose from these fun-filled challenges designed to form stronger, happier, and healthier teams.
Who will be crowned team champion? 

Points earned from each challenge will contribute to a weekly and monthly leaderboard.

Ready to let your competitive side take over?
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Simple pricing to suit your team


Perfect for teams of up to 1000 people.

Unlimited access to everything you need to keep your team connected and engaged.
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Conversation Starters

Help get the conversations and connections going with these twice weekly conversation prompts

Monthly Challenges

Run unlimited monthly team challenges to encourage healthy competition and increase team engagement.


Mix your team up for regular coffee conversations and promote sharing and cross-team connections.

Try for free for 14 days
No credit card required - cancel anytime


Thinking of using Remote Social for bigger teams across your organisation? 

We can help.
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