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It is time for Trivia!

Bring your team together for the ultimate trivia session.
With over 500 questions sourced by a professional Trivia Master spread across 9 trivia categories, it’s time to stretch those fingers and challenge your circle!

Oh btw... you can also create you own custom categories :D
trivia gameLet's Trivia!

Ready. Set . Play!

Setting up a session is easy as π (pi, get it?). Ok. Apologies for the dad joke.

Bring your crew together and start playing trivia in under 60 seconds in your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Start a video call and share your screen.

If you are the host, use the video platform of your choice to start a call and share your screen.


Create a new game.

Create a new game and share the link. Wait for your team to join and that's it! You're ready to go.

Let's Trivia!

Create your own Trivia categories on any topic you like!

Impress your workmates and take your weekly Trivia sessions to a whole new level by customising your very own categories. The questions created are naturally more catered to your group, so you can get as creative as you want!

Stuck for ideas? We’ve come up with a few.