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Everything you need to bring your team together.
New Starter

Help new starters share who they are and find commonalities with their new teammates using a sequence of ten questions delivered via Slack.

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Set up a virtual watercooler with prompts and challenges that spark fun and engaging conversations via Slack.

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Explore world-class team experiences delivered by leading providers in cooking, fitness, and many more.

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Oh... Is it games you're after?

You've come to the right place.
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Ice-breakers and games sessions.

Choose from our ever-growing catalogue of team games specifically designed to help you bring your team together and have a blast.
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Ways to use Remote Social

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding something new every week.
Ritualise your team moments.

There are endless ways you can use Remote Social to bring your team together and connect over shared experiences. These are just a few.

From quick ice-breakers at the beginning of your team meetings to fully hosted, virtual team celebrations.

Your imagination is the limit!
Ways to use Remote Social

Happy teams. Happy us!

Customer quote three

Natasha Badrov


"Everyone in my team is feeling more connected.

Remote Social has given our team and founders the right tools to build on their relationships and improve engagement overall."

User quote

Katelyn Porter


"We use Remote Social to bring our global marketing team together and we love it!

It is a fun and easy way to get everyone online and socialize across multiple countries and timezones."

User quote

Juan Camilo Mendez


"It is so easy to set up sessions and get everyone involved.

The wide variety of activities make it easy for us to come back week on week to try something new."

We're helping distributed teams around the world come closer and stay connected.

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