Help your teams build stronger bonds via Slack. Asynchronously.

Remote Social Connect automatically posts Watercooler prompts and Challenges that spark fun, memorable, and engaging conversations in your preferred Slack channel.
Interact with teammates working across various time zones.

Effortlessly bring everyone together no matter where they work from and when they are online.
Remote Social Connect will be available very, very soon.
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Challenge your crew and crown a weekly champion!

Ready for Physical Challenge? 
Maybe a weekly Trivia competition? 

Choose from these fun-filled challenges designed to form stronger, happier, and healthier teams.
Who will be crowned team champion? 

Points earned from each challenge will contribute to a weekly and monthly leaderboard. 🏆

Ready to let your competitive side take over?

Your virtual Watercooler is here!

Create new opportunities for serendipitous moments with thoughtful prompts and conversation starters.

These carefully curated questions were purposefully created to de-stress and recharge individuals quickly and asynchronously.

These conversations will spark connection – making a positive impact on the team!
step one

Connect to your Slack

Invite Remote Social Connect to help you schedule and post directly on Slack

step two

Choose a channel

We recommend creating a dedicated channel.
#social or #connect are some examples.

step three

Create a schedule

Select the type of interaction and the days and time you’d want these moments to happen.

Remote Social Connect will be available very, very soon.
Notify me, please!
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