Our 5 favourite work from home playlists

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Our 5 favourite work from home playlists

For many, music can be an essential part of their work from home life. If you need help with lifting your mood or staying focused, the power of a good playlist can help you 'get in the zone' and find your flow.

So, we've ask our team here at Remote Social to help us put together a list with their favourite work from home playlists. We've picked five different genres hoping to cater for different audiences.

Let's do this!

1. Lo-fi Focus Beats.

This non-lyrical genre blends looping hip-hop beats with electronic or jazz samples. For relaxing, soothing melodies that help you stay focused.

YouTube alternative: 🎵1 hour 8D lofi hip hop music(chill)🎵

2. Friday Feels

Is it beer o'clock yet? 

YouTube alternative: Feel Good Friday

3. House Workout.

This one is for your work from home, workout routine. There is no doubt about the positive impacts of daily workout can bring to your life.

Short workouts in between work sprints are a great way to keep your mind sharp and your energy levels high.

YouTube alternative: Work from Home (Workout Mix)

4. 90’s and 2000’s Summer Hits.

You don't need to wait for Thursday for a throwback. Play this list when in search for some additional energy. Also perfect for the start your day while preparing your morning tea or coffee.

YouTube alternative: Summer Hits 90s & 00s

5. The Ultimate Classical Focus Playlist.

For deep thinking and creative concentration. The combination of beautiful piano and soaring strings will help you wine down at the end of the day.

YouTube alternative: Work Classical Music


If you're a cool kid who wants to stay up to date on what's viral and trending, Spotify has the right playlist for you!

YouTube alternative: TOP 40 Songs of 2020

We hope you enjoy this selection and let us know if you want to see more playlists from team Remote Social.

Happy listening!

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