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Where we come from and where we're going. This is Remote Social

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Where we come from and where we're going. This is Remote Social

One of the greatest things to come from the situation we find ourselves in this year is realness. People are at home, and pretence has fallen away. Kids, cats and dogs are crawling all over us while we are trying to work. We can’t pretend we don’t have a life outside work anymore. Over the last few months we’ve all been reminded that life, sometimes, can be a bit shitty. But we’ve also been reminded that it can be really fun, and that we shouldn’t take for granted the good times. 

Life is too good, and too short, not to be enjoyed. Remote Social exists to amplify that, and to bring people together — even when they are apart.
Remote Social is where teams come to socialise and play.

Here at Remote Social HQ, we love interacting with people face to face, and we don’t think our products will ever replace that. We do believe though, that remote and hybrid work are not going away. In fact, a recent Buffer study of 1,900 remote workers around the world found that 90% intend to work remotely or hybrid for the rest of their lives and 94% recommend off-site careers. We’ve also seen big tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Atlassian make remote work permanent. Online interaction is going to become an increasingly large part of the way we live and work. We believe that the time has come to make team online interactions, well, better… as well as easier to find, organise and experience.

In this video, our co-founder and CEO, Jessica Baird Walsh shares Remote Social vision at Antler's Demo Day in Sydney.

We are working hard to get our MVP in your hands. Our platform will provide remote and hybrid teams with better ways to connect and interact. Everything from simple, fun games and activities, to highly curated hosted experiences.

If you want to stay up to date with our progress, and want to be notified when our beta is available, add your name to our waitlist and we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop.

Work smart. Play hard.

Team Remote Social.

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