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Meet the Team Series - Mike Fitzbaxter (MFB)

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Meet the Team Series - Mike Fitzbaxter (MFB)

Hi, I’m Mike, co-founder of Remote Social.

I’m responsible for much of the product vision and technology of Remote Social.

Tell us more about you.

I started my digital career by becoming a self-taught graphic designer and making mostly print designs for posters, flyers, and advertisements in a variety of formats. Since those days I’ve had many job titles including design manager, UX researcher, UX manager, front-end developer, full-stack developer, product manager, and director of content.

I’ve worked in many different organisations from a 2 person digital consultancy to a senior leader at multiple global start-ups.

My favourite game on Remote Social is Trivia, I just love the chance to learn something new and I’m somewhat biased about the visual aesthetic as I had a lot to do with the animations in the game.

I love my home office desk as I built the desk and my PC whilst living in Seattle working for Auth0. I spent several days sanding and preparing the solid butcher block table top and was a little disappointed on returning to Australia to discover it wouldn’t fit in the office space we now have and had to cut it down in size somewhat. It helps that my home office now has a view over Sydney harbour so on a nice day it’s a beautiful spot to work.

I love working on Remote Social as everyone I meet has such a passion and energy for bringing people together and they aren’t afraid to have some fun. I’m super proud of the whole team moving to a 4-day work week.

My favourite superpower would probably be super speed… I would love to be able to get around really quickly and it would definitely help with how much work we have to get done.

Remote Social in 3 words:

Really Bloody Great!

If you’d like to find out some more juicy stats about The MFB… you can play my text-based adventure game here: https://mike.fitzbaxter.com/game and try to discover the most number of facts in the least number of moves. Add your score in the comments below.

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